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Ken Whiting PhotoKen Whiting is one of the most influential and respected paddlers in the world, and was recognized as such by Paddler Magazine as one of their 'Paddlers of the Century.' Ken was the 1997/98 World Freestyle Kayaking Champion, the 1998 Japan Open Champion, and a five-time Canadian champion. Since 1998, Ken has written and produced a best-selling and award-winning series of instructional books and videos. In 2002, Ken retired from competition, stepped back from the management of the Ottawa River-based kayak school Liquid Skills, and became entirely focused on the growth of The Heliconia Press.

Heliconia Press been producing award winning books and DVDs since 1998, and they are recognized widely as one of the leading media production companies within the outdoor industry. Their books and DVDs can now be found in thousands of stores around the world.

Heliconia Press has recently made an entrance into the world of broadcast television production. The Kayak Fishing Show is a 13-episode TV series, which evolved from their award-winning Kayak Fishing: Game On films. The series is currently airing on the World Fishing Network (WFN) in both standard and high definition.

Heliconia is also very excited to have launched its first WebTV series, Kayak Fishing Tales. With a new episode releasing every two weeks, it is on track to reaching a million views in 2010.

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    Ken Whiting is one of the most influential and respected paddlers in the world, and was recognized as such by Paddler Magazine as one of their 'Paddlers of the Century.'
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Boy Saves Deer During Kayak Trip on the Tobique River
boydeer1It was as happy an ending as the beloved Walt Disney story of Bambi when an 11 year old boy rescued a newborn deer trapped in mud along a river in northern New Brunswick, Canada. Benjamin Thibodeau was on a camping trip in Riley Brook earlier this summer when he spotted a small animal sticking out of the water along the Tobique River. From his Old Town kayak, he could see a little head, ears and some white sots. He thought it might be a baby deer. The boy called to his father; who was on shore, and quickly paddled over to the animal. When he reached the banks of the river; he saw the deer was up to his belly in mud, its four spindly legs buried deep along the bank. With no leverage to free itself, it couldn't move. Wasting very little time Benjamin pulled the deer out of the mud and then with the help of his father moved it to safety. Happily, the next morning both of them woke up to the sight of the deer standing outside the door of their tent with its mother and sibling.