Camden Series

Camden Series

We loaded the Camden series with a richness of features not found in most recreational kayaks on the market. From a smooth planing hull that will astound you with its glide to storage solutions that will impress you with their functionality.

Camden 120

Length: 12' 6" | 3.8 m
Width: 28.5" | 72.4 cm
Weight: 51 lbs | 23.1 kg
MSRP: $849.99 USD
Camden 120 Series Sunrise

Camden 106

Length: 10' 3" | 3.12 m 
Width: 29" | 73.7 cm
Weight: 42 lbs | 19.8kg
MSRP: $749.99 USD
Camden 106 Series


Farmers 100
jcrawfordWe were supposed to run the MR340, but the heavy storms delayed that for a month. We decided that if we jumped ahead from KC to Jefferson City, we could stay ahead of the flooding, and have 100 miles…