Owner's Manual

Old Town Owner's Manual | Download PDF
Manufacturer's Statement of Origin to a Boat | Download PDF 

Warranty Information

Lifetime Warranty Overview | Download PDF 
Lifetime Warranty Detailed Overview | Download PDF 

Installation Instructions

Kayak Anchor Installation Instructions | Download PDF
Oar Socket Installation Instructions | Download PDF
Kayak Paddle Holder Installation Instructions | Download PDF
Basic Rudder Installation Instructions | Download PDF
Castine Rudder Instructions (Before 2000) | Download PDF
Loon 160T Rudder Instructions (Before 2000) | Download PDF
Loon 160T Rudder Instructions (After 2000) | Download PDF
Kevlar Skid Plate Kit | Download PDF
Poly/RX Repair Kit | Download PDF
Partite 7310 Adhesive Instructions | Download PDF
ACS Seat Replacement Kit | Download PDF
Vapor 10 Hatch Cover Kit | Download PDF
Vapor 12 Hatch Cover Kit | Download PDF
Kayak Footbrace Kit | Download PDF
Old Town Drain Plug Kit | Download PDF
Saranac Seatback Kit | Download PDF
Canoe Anchor Installation Instructions | Download PDF 
Rudder Attachment Instructions 2013 | Download PDF

How To Guides

Cleaning Sticky Royalex | Download PDF
Replacing The Cane In A Cane Seat | Download PDF
Replacing Gunwales (Rails) | Download PDF
Refinishing | Download PDF
Recanvasing | Download PDF
How To Recanvas A Sponson Canoe | Download PDF
Rebuilding The Wood Canvas Canoe | Download PDF

Product Guide Archive

2013 Product Guide | Download 6 mb PDF
2012 Product Guide | Download 4.7 mb PDF
2011 Product Guide | Download 5.9 mb PDF
2010 Product Guide | Download 9.2 mb PDF

2009 Product Guide | Download 10.7 mb PDF
2008 Product Guide | Download 7.4 mb PDF
2007 Product Guide | Download 6.5 mb PDF 


Product Guide

2013 Old Town Catalog | PDF

Information Sheets

Camden Series Info Sheet | PDF

Heron Jr Info Sheet | PDF
Twin Heron Info Sheet | PDF
Twister Info Sheet | PDF
Rogue River 154 SS Info | PDF  

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