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A lot of work to get there but worth it

Posted By: Kent Pillatsch
Location: Bowling Green MO MO
Photographer: Kent Pillatsch
Boat: Old Town Loon 138

There are 2 lakes in Bowling Green MO, one has a boat ramp and easy access the other has a parking lot at the bottom of the dam and you must lug your kayak up the steep hill. The lake gets very little fishing pressure so the fishing is usually pretty good on this 45 acre impound. A great place to spend the day and have the lake to yourself.


Boy Saves Deer During Kayak Trip on the Tobique River
boydeer1It was as happy an ending as the beloved Walt Disney story of Bambi when an 11 year old boy rescued a newborn deer trapped in mud along a river in northern New Brunswick, Canada. Benjamin Thibodeau was on a camping trip in Riley Brook earlier this summer when he spotted a small animal sticking out of the water along the Tobique River. From his Old Town kayak, he could see a little head, ears and some white sots. He thought it might be a baby deer. The boy called to his father; who was on shore, and quickly paddled over to the animal. When he reached the banks of the river; he saw the deer was up to his belly in mud, its four spindly legs buried deep along the bank. With no leverage to free itself, it couldn't move. Wasting very little time Benjamin pulled the deer out of the mud and then with the help of his father moved it to safety. Happily, the next morning both of them woke up to the sight of the deer standing outside the door of their tent with its mother and sibling.