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Big Cedar Creek in the 119

Posted By: Corey Beavers
Location: Cave Spring Georgia
Photographer: Corey Beavers
Boat: Old Town Guide 119

Big Cedar Creek is a beautiful creek in north Georgia just southwest of Rome. I first heard of this spot a couple of years ago from a friend that is a local to the area. Because there are other closer rivers near me, it took a while to get out and check this place out, but it was well worth the drive! We hit the creek twice in as many weekends, once with cold, rainy weather whether the current kept us moving along at a swift pace, and once with a bright sun overhead the whole day. The rapids that are encountered on this creek are all pretty mild. There are a few Class I sections that can be Class II at high water levels, but all were straightforward and just added a bit of welcome excitement to the paddle. You can see two good examples of the type of "whitewater" that are encountered here on either side of this rock island below. Because of the rain on the first run, I hadn't realized what a clear, clean creek Big Cedar is until the second time around. It still has that same green tint that all the water in Georgia seems to have, but it's a clear green, not a murky green. I'm pretty sure that has something to do with the surface of the creek bed. Most waterways in the area are muddy bottom and with the fluctuating flow thanks to generation, there is a constant stirring up and settling of silt in the water. Big Cedar seemed to be a mostly stone bed and with no dams on the waterway, the flow changes aren't nearly as dramatic. This time of year, the banks were green and lush all the way to the edge of the water. The land on both side is private the whole way, and well posted too, but even so, the vegetation is so dense that tempting places to stop and get out were few. Best fish of the two days went to my youngest brother who caught a nice redeye bass. True to form, I caught only laughably small bream, but while standing up and paddling in my Guide 119, I caught a glimpse of one large striper as well as four good sized gar patrolling the creekbed.





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