Dad has the Magic

Posted By: Greg Gaudreau
Location: Bridgewater Massachusetts
Photographer: Greg Gaudreau
Boat: Pack Angler

I took the day out of work to finally get out with my Dad. Took him to my favorite 'gem' pond - hiding in plain sight - kind of place in southern Carver, MA. Sunny, little bit windy from the southwest, 63 degrees, so we stick to the sheltered little coves. Dark water, must have been from all the rain we had. It's been 3 years since Dad has been out in his canoe. (Mostly due to some injuries/cardiac...event...) Now he has a gorgeous Old Town Pack. It's nice, light and holds plenty for him, I'm on my trusty OK Big Game. He starts by throwing his lure in the tree, oops. He's rusty on his knots - so I tied on a good Rebel topwater walker for him. "Thanks." Throws it out there....I'm putting stuff away - BAM! Nice fish I'll get the camera. (see pic) About 4 lbs - largest fish he has caught in years. Hilarious to watch the fish tow him across the pond. Nice fat female. After we let her go he tried the same area again and got another hit - but it missed the bait entirely. (Probably a male courting with the female we just caught.) All in all it was a great trip just to get out there with him. He taught me how to fish when I was four and has since been a huge part of my life. I didn't get to fish much - but that's not the point. I am sure when I was four he barely got the chance to fish as well because I was too busy catching trees.


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