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First Canoe and Maiden Voyage

Posted By: Gary Lehman
Location: Morro Bay CA
Photographer: Gary Lehman
Boat: Penobscot RX 16

After online research and a fair amount of whimsical day dreaming decided to take the paddling plunge with the Old Town Penobscot 16 RX. What finally prompted the decision was a sale at REI and realizing that the Royalex was no longer in production. The sale price appeared to be a bit of a deal, so picked up the phone and made the call. As it turned out just in the nick of time, for it was the last one in REI inventory nationwide, gave up the plastic and picked it up this past Friday at the REI store in Santa Barbara. Pushed the wife out of bed on Saturday morning loaded up all the new gear and a few provisions and set course for Lake Lopez for the maiden voyage. Now I have a little canoeing experience, from my YMCA summer camp days, back in the early 60's, so I imagined, I was more than ready, my wife not so much. We launched from the beach and set a leisurely course out into a slight breeze. After a couple of hours I finally got a positive response out of her when she finally turned around for a photo op with a smile, she had me worried for a while, thought I was going to be a solo paddler. Sunday morning gave us another opportunity to paddle, so we made a quick trip to Morro Bay and spent the next six hours making a giant loop inside the bay. We were both amazed at the super positive experience we were having in this light weight, straight tracking canoe. We can't wait to get back on the water and become a bit more accomplished with our paddling technique. The great thing about this is that it will keep us off the couch and give us a whole new perspective from the water rather than the shore. We both give this canoe our highest recommendation. We like her so much we just gave her a name, she will be forever known as the "Molly Dellis", she is named after the Native Amnerican actress and dancer who was born on the Penobscot reservation in Maine. Morro Bay the Rock and a Smile. Thank you Old Town.





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