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New/Old Cayuga 146

Posted By: Joe Geronimo
Location: Saranac Lake New York
Photographer: Joe Geronimo
Boat: Cayuga 146

Ever since I laid eyes on the Old Town Cayuga 146 (14′ 6″) kayak I was in love. However I was just simply too fat to fit in the boat. Old Town stopped making this boat a few years ago and they are almost impossible to find used. Early this spring I discovered that St. Regis Canoe Outfitters of Saranac Lake use them in their rental fleet and occasionally they will sell one or two. As luck would have it a Cayuga 146 complete with rudder did come available and I immediately reserved it and made my trek north. The weather in Saranac Lake today was absolutely perfect, a cool 38 degrees this morning when I woke. I picked up my boat right after they opened and shortly I was on Lake Flower. Paddling along gazing at the serenity, while also making a few adjustments to my seat a gentleman in a beautiful Eddyline kayak came up upon me and asked me where I was headed. I promptly said “I Have no clue”. He introduced himself as “Dave” and offered for me to tag along. Dave would guide me along from Lake Flower, through Oseetah Lake to the lower locks & dam where Oseetah and the Saranac River meet. According to my map we paddled about 9 miles down and back, an added bonus for me is that this section is part of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. I was extremely excited I had the opportunity for a few more miles in my ongoing quest to complete the 740 mile route in pieces. I love this boat! Super comfortable, fast and tracks pretty darn well. There is a ton of storage for a multiple day camping trip. I'm looking forward to getting some more miles in this sweet thing here real shortly.





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